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Candy Crush Saga - catchy colorful puzzle [GAME ON REQUEST]
Candy Crush Saga - this is a real example of how to develop and diversify the popular puzzle genre of "three in a row", where you need to move a variety of objects (in this case, candy) to get the combination of the three in a number of elements of the same color.
Engaged in developing a game studio King, who wholeheartedly come to the realization of one of the most popular types of games for Android. First, we note the unusual and colorful graphics, stylized cardboard theater performance. The game tells the story of a remarkable girl Candy, which can be called the biggest fan of sweets in the world. In this game, we will go to many interesting places and try a huge variety of delicious chocolates.
In terms of mechanics, the game is not much different from other games of this genre, among which we can mention Diamond Blaze and Battle Elements . We must also move in line multicolored candies, trying to find the most successful combination.
Significant difference Candy Crush Saga of all its competitors - is the presence of a full storyline, and much of the original chips. At each level, we are not limited in time, but it is strictly limited to moves. The less we need the moves, the more points we get in the end. At each level, we are given a certain task, which we have to fulfill. First, we must learn to break bricks in some places marked in gray. In the next world will have a job that we have to omit the sweet ingredient in the bottom of the playing field.
Since moves are restricted, it is necessary to think over every step count and active follow-up. You must also consider the possibility to collect different bonuses (4 sweets and more in a row), which provide interesting effects such as breaking blocks of the same color, explosion, or the destruction of all the blocks either horizontally or vertically.
Features Candy Crush Saga for Android:
100 levels and several unique worlds;
Each world has its own peculiarities geimpleynymi (jobs);
The number of moves is severely restricted;
Colorful and beautiful graphics;
Nice animations;
Easy and intuitive.
Given that the game is distributed free of charge, the developers have made some levels are so difficult to force a player to buy a special set of additional strokes. Doing this is not necessary, as even the most complex level is passed to the second or third attempt.
Summary. Candy Crush Saga - this is one of the best puzzle games on the theme of "three in a row" for Android. To all fans of the genre definitely recommend this game, new emotions from the familiar gameplay you will be provided.
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